United States of America


The USA was the first country I ever travelled to outside of Canada, this is very typical for Canadians, as travel to other continents is quite expensive for us.  I spent summers on the beach in Maine and winters snowboarding down mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire.  I travelled around random States on a Greyhound, hoppin’ and goin’ as I pleased.  There are still so many places I must go in the USA and hope to explore more in the future; perhaps when I move back to Canada and can’t afford to travel much again. You can read about the USA portion of my Greyhound adventure here.

As a Canadian, the USA is a bit overwhelming-everything is bigger, louder, and greasier but also friendlier!  While most Americans didn’t have a clue where Montreal (our 2nd largest city) was, those same people were incredibly helpful and very chatty, which is quite nice when you’re travelling solo and haven’t talked to anyone but a Barista or a Bartender in days.



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