Quick Guide Entebbe

First Impression: So much more peaceful than Kampala and in our state of mind we were happy to get out of the city and spend a few days lakeside relaxing.

Where I stayed:  The first day we splurged for Christmas Day on a resort.  Imperial Resort Beach Hotel.  While the room and location next to the beach was awesome, their wifi sucked-like barely existent, breakfast was the worst of the trip so far and room service was lacking in everyway.  Definitely don’t recommend the splurge.  For the next 2 nights we stayed at Entebbe Backpackers, a very cheap, bare bones place with excellent wifi in the common area, better food and service, and nice wide bunk beds, a great little room and patio.   I absolutely loved this cozy little place and we were able to walk wherever we needed to go.

What to wear: It was nice and warm but we did a lot of walking, so I wore leggings and a long camisole most of the time.

What I did: Entebbe Wildlife Sanctuary, Lake Victoria, Reggae beach fest, Java House next to Imperial Mall for “African coffee”. The Craft Market (next to Imperial Mall) ask for a painter named Kevin, I have one of his awesome paintings!  We were recommended a local restaurant but it was closed during the holidays so we ended up at Anna’s Corner for dinner 2 nights in a row. I recommend the cassava chips and the beautiful garden ambience but otherwise it’s mainly western style food and nothing special.  The restaurant does however, have rooms full of mid-high end arts and crafts from all over Africa, I still regret not buying a pair of sandals and maxing out my credit cards on the Benin sculptures.

Practical tidbits:

  • Entebbe is quite spread out so if short on time, take a boda-boda but we had plenty of time and the weather was beautiful, so we walked.

Off the beaten path:   Any Music event you come across, both nights we were the only non-locals there but we had a blast dancing on the beach.

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”: Day trip to the Chimpanzee sanctuary.

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