Quick Guide Mahe, Seychelles

First Impression: Stunning mountain landscape and seaside paradise. No one spoke French with me but all the road signs are in French….found this odd.

Where I stayed: L’Echo des Vagues, across the street from a beautiful little beach and about a 10-minute walk to town where there are restaurants, a larger beach, food stalls, and tourist shops.  The grocery stores and atms are another 10minute walk from there. The apartments themselves are very basic but clean and there is a full fridge and kitchenette as well as a nice balcony where you can sit with a beer and watch the most glorious sunsets of your life. Our room’s aircon worked fine but my friend’s had the larger room and the aircon seemed to be struggling.

There was no one at the accommodation to welcome us and they did not send the promised airport pickup, therefore when we arrived we in a random taxi we were lucky our driver stuck around to make sure we got in ok and then called the owner who informed him our room numbers and that the keys were under the mat, otherwise we would have been standing around shit out of luck.  Otherwise they were really helpful throughout the rest of the stay.

What to wear:Whatever you want, it’s hot as balls, obviously beach stuff.

What I did: Beach, beach, more beach, and Bay Ternay Marine Park, got married!

Our wedding company was called Dream Weddings and Honeymoons and it was so easy to book through them, they arranged everything and did all the necessary paperwork for us.

Practical tidbits:

  • Having a self-catering apartment means saving tons of money of food. We made breakfast everyday and ate only 1 meal a day out.
  • Down by the beach in Beau-Vallon there are food stalls where you can get a full meal for a fraction of the restaurant prices and quality is the same. (Paid 70 SCR for fish and rice and chapatti while it was 250 for the same meal at a restaurant).

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”:   Wildly overpriced beach holiday; absolutely beautiful but I would prefer Zanzibar every time even if money wasn’t a factor as it’s a little boring in Seychelles, not much going on it seems.  Take food and beer to the Marine Park and if you’re trying to save money you can get a taxi boat to take you there instead of going on a tourist boat.  Rent a car and self-drive.  Don’t go during the hottest months, I was perpetually sweaty.

I wish we had gone market shopping in Victoria and made a day trip to Morne National Park but because of the heat we were not in the mood for hopping on public buses around the island and did not have the money to hire a car.

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