Quick Guide Kampala

Kampala, Uganda

First Impression: We arrived by bus from Kigali and the bus station was a very dark and dingy looking place.  We met a lovely young guy on our bus who had a Ugandan Sim Card and had a number for a taxi driver so he called him and helped us get to our hotel which was ideal because we didn’t have any Ugandan shillings, it was late, and we couldn’t’ seem to find a taxi around.

Where I stayed: Prestige Hotel Suites, the room was big and clean, nothing too fancy but after our insane week in Kigali, DRC, and the bus ride from hell the L shaped sofa and TV was all we wanted in the world.  We woke up too late for breakfast the next day but the hotel staff came upstairs to inform us that the kitchen staff were waiting for us. They were so accommodating and lovely at this hotel.  The breakfast was pretty good too!  The front desk actually had someone go get me a 2L bottle of wine from an Italian restaurant down the street because they didn’t want us wandering around after dark. The only thing that we felt was not great was that they charged us an extra 25$ for a 2ndperson which is weird because ordinarily the base rate is for 2 people.

What to wear:Like all East African countries, its best to keep your knees covered and err on the side of conservatism but I wore a camisole dress over leggings and carried a light cardigan, as it did get a bit chilly in the shade.  At night I recommend a sweater, especially if you’re going to be taking motorcycle taxis.

What I did:I have never been so lazy in a new city but honestly, other than venture out for food, and go to the Gaddafi Mosque, we stayed in the hotel room getting heavily involved with Indian Soap Operas.  To this day we wonder what happened to Urmi and Krishi…  We contemplated going to Jinja but it was Christmas.  Also in the middle of the second night I started getting stomach cramps and vomiting sooo for Christmas breakfast I had bread and mint tea.  We did find a lovely café, Karveli, down the street from the Prestige Hotel Suites.

Practical tidbits:

  • Don’t spend much time in Kampala.
  • Exchange some cash at the border if coming overland because it was a bit difficult at the bus station.
  • Beware the Pterodactyls that fly over the city.

Off the beaten path: Luwum Street shopping-honestly too f&*cking many people but an experience nonetheless.

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”:  Kampala was my least favourite place in East Africa, the streets were overcrowded with people, boda-bodas, dalla-dallas, people yelling Muzungu at us and children following us for money.  Honestly, just felt overwhelming and we were too tired for it.

I do wish we had made it to Jinja and gone to see the Chimpanzees.

2 thoughts on “Quick Guide Kampala

    1. We were the last 2 people to buy tickets so got stuck on the back on the 5 seater which was miserable mainly because they lady next to me was sneezing all over the placr and blowing here nose and touching everything around me. The lines at the border were a mess, it took forever. Safety wise it’s completely fine, the only thing is at the station in Kampala after dark, find a cab asap and have UGX with you.

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