Quick Guide Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

First Impression: So quaint and clean, a perfect little tourist town.

Where I stayed: Shoe String Backpackers.  Honestly kind of dirty and basic, they charge extra for wifi and the mosquitoes are a nightmare.  The food was quite good though, especially the breakfast porridge and the garden area is lined with artisans making and selling their goods.  It’s also basically the only nightlife in town so depending on how you feel about music till midnight you’ll love it or hate it. Despite the cleanliness factor we had a great time here.

What to wear: I wore leggings, a tank top and sneakers to go around Victoria Falls, its quite warm and you will get wet from the mist so clothes that dry fast is ideal. At night, cover your skin because the mosquito repellant did nothing to dissuade them from eating the back of my legs.

What I did: Wandered around town, went market shopping, saw Vic Falls (obviously), ate sadza and also a watermelon feta salad at Shearwater Café. Live music at Shearwater in the evening, drank many Castle lagers at Shoe Strings.

Practical tidbits:

  • Don’t walk around with visible bananas as the baboons will come after you. If they do though just stop and yell at them waving your hands like a mad man (at least that’s what the taxi driver did when the baboon tried to get my friend’s bananas.
  • Cover all your skin and bring DEET because none of the mosquito repellant we had did anything.  (We were there in December).
  • If crossing the border into Zambia, give yourself extra time because it took us approximately 2 hours to clear customs and walk across the bridge, etc…

Off the beaten path: It’s a bit too small and touristy for that

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”:  I should have ziplined-I’m too chicken to bungee jump but that’s also a thing to do there.

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