Quick Guide Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe

First Impression: So green, but the city definitely had a depression era vibe, especially surrounding the banks.  Otherwise quite orderly and well kept.

Where I stayed:  It’s a Small World Backpackers Hostel.  We stayed in the large dorm.  They have a lovely garden area which is perfect for a few Castle lagers and journaling. Everything was clean and the owner was very friendly and helpful.

What to wear:Light fabric, comfortable walking shoes and clothes.  I wore the same outfit (leggings, camisole, cardigan and sandals for 2 days even out dancing-I’m not bragging it was just that laid back).

What I did: Botanical Gardens, National Art Gallery, Tin Roof Bucket Bar and Bistro

Practical tidbits:

  • Bring enough USD cash to get you through all of Zimbabwe because they have a cash shortage and it can be difficult to get money from an atm/bank.
  • Make sure any Zim dollars you get back, you spend before leaving because they are worthless and usually grimy and crumpled so they cannot be exchanged outside the country.
  • Do not take pictures of any official looking government building or site, cross the street if you see machine gun guards as you are not allowed to be on that side of the street (they are guarding a government building or politician’s home).
  • Ask a taxi to wait for you or to come back at a specific time to the Botanical gardens or you will spend some time walking to a main road trying to flag down a cab.

Off the beaten path: The Botanical Gardens

Last Impression/Wishes for “next time”:  See the Shona Sculpture Gallery, see the surrounding area of Harare and visit the Museum of Human Sciences.

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